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An excellent quality professional painting services: Spraying trim, baseboard, inside/outside doors, railings, caps, shelves; Painting interior/exterior walls (stucco), ceilings, floors; Staining wood, inside doors (barn doors), railings, fireplace area, etc.

TOCON Painting Experience

Our professional team in painting business more than 10years, we did various projects from small to huge buildings, from easy to very difficult jobs, but we are not afraid for any painting project. Our mission - to leave every painted home/house/building with a smile on client face! Always trying to do our best, using our experience, professional tools, supplies etc.

Professional Painters

TOCON LTD Calgary Professional Painting Contractor offer Low/Cheap/Good/Reasonable prices and excellent quality interior painting and spraying services in Calgary and surrounding areas. Painting walls and ceilings, cutting ceilings. Painting all House, one or a few Rooms, Bathrooms, Closets, Kitchen, Basement, Garage etc. Using latex paint: Benjamin Moore, Dulux, General Paint, PPG. Spraying trim, doors, railings, caps, shelves. Using Cloverdale Lacquer.

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